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The power of recurring tasks

Karsten Wysk

There are a lot of things you don't have to do only once.

At work these can be things like checking the product roadmap on a weekly basis or not forgetting to prepare the sprint demo.

In your private life this can be things like booking your training slot in your gym or just watering your plants.

While you could make recurring dates in your calendar to solve these things, I prefer to save those things as recurring tasks in This way you actually get to check them off when there are done and you don't have to deal again with forgetting things if you can't do them in the moment when your calendar reminds you of them.

So how does it work with

Just create a task normally and then choose "Recurring" in the properties. When you then check off a task a new one will be created in a week (or whatever you selected).


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Karsten Wysk