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How to follow up on tasks

Karsten Wysk

If you are like me you are often running into a situation that you are waiting for somebody else to do something before you can continue doing your stuff. So you write that person an email or discuss it personally with them and then you have to wait a few days before you get something back.

It’s all fine if the person actually writes you in a few days because then that email of the person is back in your workflow but what if the other person forgets? How do you make sure you don’t forget about this workstream and follow up on this task?

To solve this problem Alldone has a simple feature to follow up on any task. Just keep the “checkbox” pressed for 1–2 seconds and you will see a popup which allows you to set the follow-up date and potentially add a comment.

When you then reach that day the task will come back into your daily task inbox and you can decide if you need to follow-up with that person or not.

Enjoy :)

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Karsten Wysk