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How can I use Alldone as an app?

Karsten Wysk

You can use perfectly fine just with your browser on both desktop & mobile.

However having it as an real app does have some advantages: it is not hidden in one of your 1000 open tabs and you can use Notifications on your phone in a better way.

Eventually Alldone will build really nice native apps but until this happens you can still install Alldone as a so-called "Progressive Web App" - or PWA. This kind of app works just like a "normal" app but you just install it via your browser and not via the AppStore of your platform.

Here is how it works on your platform:


  • Open on Chrome and click on the "Install" button at the right of your URL bar


  • Open on Chrome and click on the 3 "..." --> then click on "Add to Homescreen".


  • Open on your browser, go to the menu and click "Add to Homescreen".

When you then open Alldone as an app please allow the permissions to send you push notifications. You may have to login again normally and then you are all set!

This is the same as with any other PWA app so you can also check out this help here: for example.

Thanks & enjoy!

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Karsten Wysk